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Creative balance accounting has been a great resource starting and maintaining my business. Always reliable, timely and informed, they have always met or exceeded my expectations!
Sherri Cebry
Robyn has been invaluable for getting our books up to date and accurate. She has a great memory and is bang on with our tax installment dates, GST payables and year ends’. She is always available by text for questions, which works great when a lot of our business is done in the evening and on weekends. I highly recommend Creative Balance for bookkeeping and tax returns.
Shauna Rowell
Business Owner
We’ve worked with Robyn for almost 2 years and she has been a great addition to our team. Her efficiency, accuracy and speed of service has been invaluable for our two locations. A small or mid-sized company would truly benefit from her approachable and knowledgeable accounting style. Communication and consultation combined with a spot-on attention to detail and proven results makes for a great value- add to any business.
Harry Diamantopoulos
Blacksmith Hospitality
I’ve been using Creative Balance since the start and couldn’t imagine a more helpful team. As a new business owner, I've had great peace of mind on my tax and accounting side, allowing me to focus on growth and completing projects. Robyn offers a variety of services that I would have had to find multiple companies to take of my business otherwise. I would recommend Creative Balance to anyone who needs accounting or tax help for both personal or business.
Matt Farmer
Innovative Coatings
Creative Balance has been a lifesaver for my two businesses. Robyn has provided me the time and peace of mind to be the face of my store instead of hidden in the back doing my books. Robyn is very organized and efficient with current technology and accounting programs. I wish I had hired her sooner than I did. I would highly recommend her!
Tara Leeder
Global Cambrian & Edgemont